If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will now. Chickens are the closest living relative to the T-Rex. That’s right the mighty fearsome Tyrannosaurs has evolved into a chicken. You thought those tiny arms were ridiculous. Well, look at him now.

T-Rex chicken.

Twitter user Just Jon Nah fired up his 3D printer and gave his pet chicken these beautiful T-Rex arms. If you are looking for reason to buy a 3D printer yourself, this is it.

Chicken with T-Rex arms.

For those who already have a 3D printer at home, he has uploaded a blueprint so you can make a set of arms yourself, and you won’t have to search where to order them online.

3D printed T-Rex arms for chicken.

As you can see from the photos below, people have already started to take advantage of this idea and printed out T-Rex arms for their own chickens:

T-Rex arms for chicken.

Chicken T-Rex 3D printed arms.

Red 3D printed chicken T-Rex arms.

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