If you are tired of usual boring Christmas tree ornaments, check out these beautiful creations. We spent many hours going over countless Etsy stores to find the funniest ornaments, so scroll down and enjoy!

2020 Christmas tree ornament.
Made by MBPaperDesign

Nothing for you.
Made by StanleyWinked

F you, 2020!
Made by GoldenLinkGifts

Baby, it's Covid outside.
Made by omgcardsshop

I put out for Santa.
Made by VirginiaLeeStitches

Well hung.
Made by TimberRoadMercantile

Tiger King Christmas ornament.
Made by ChelletiqueNI

Merry Christmas!
Made by UkrainianBeadJewelry

Made by CreativeButterflyXOX

Merry Christmas!
Made by HelloLemonZesty

Turkey tits.
Made by PorkyPenguinGifts

2020 review.
Made by HenryandHannah

This year...
Made by BoutiqueLilybugs

Merry Christmas...
Made by TheWoodsyWay

Jolly AF.
Made by CreativeButterflyXOX

Merry Xmas!
Made by OffTheRockUK

Ask your mom...
Made by ShowYourStyleEtsy

So festive!
Made by Letsawesome

I hate you the least.
Made by NorthCountryWoodShop

Made by CreativeButterflyXOX

2020 Christmas ornament.
Made by TopDugDesigns

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