Most parents take photos or film their children growing up, but James Breakwell has another way of documenting the precious moments he shares with his four daughters – by tweeting weird and funny things his daughters have said.

What's wrong?

You can't just skip to the happy ending!

The cake won't know.

I played Dungeons and Dragons with my daughters...

You need better friends.

Don't get married. Go to war.

I'm done.

What did you do at school today?

Why can't dogs go to school?

Why doesn't he use magic to fix his eyes?

None of her sisters know what happened.

What did you do at school?

Someday, you'll have feelings for boys...

Stop arguing with your sisters!

Can I have candy?

The queen.

I'm both inspired and terrified.

We're moving.

Do I have to fall in love someday?

She's my financial planner now.

My 6-year-old wants to be a doctor so she can help sick kids...

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