US government finally announced the second round of stimulus checks amid the Coronavirus pandemic. As it turns out, the $900-billion economic relief package will include $600 stimulus checks that will be received by most Americans. Needless to say, the news about the total of the stimulus check money left many folks disappointed, since it’s only half the amount people received in the spring.

The $600 stimulus check

$600 and whatever you can carry from your local Congressional representative’s second home

Which half of your rent are you going to spend your stimulus check on?

The next stimulus check is gonna be members of congress clapping from their windows

BREAKING: Congress has just announced that instead of a stimulus check, every citizen gets an extra hour in the ball pit.

600 dollars is what rich people think poor people think is a lot of money

Why not just throw $5 in quarters on the ground and make me pick them up while you laugh?

Is this my $600 stimulus check?

stimulus checks looking like a 5 dollar check from grandma on your 19th birthday.

Spot on.

The next stimulus check is a $200 giftcard to Blockbuster

The $600 stimulus check

jeff bezos earns $1200 per second, double the amount of the $600 stimulus check

Pretty accurate.

At this point, waiting for these stimulus checks feels a lot like chasing down your friend who owes you $100...

me trying to pay for rent, electric, internet, food, gas, etc with my $600 stimulus check

BREAKING: Congress has announced that the next round of stimulus will be the friendships we made along the way.

$600 #StimulusCheck after 9 months.

For the next stimulus check, you need to sell a certain amount of these chocolates to get it

a $600 stimulus check feels like those class pizza parties that we waited forever for in grade school and when it finally came we got 1/5 of a slice of pizza and a tiny cup full of sprite

next stimulus check is gonna be a new U2 album downloaded on our phones without our consent

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