Movies are filled with stupid and funny clichés that just don’t make any sense, and there is no chance any of them would work in the real world, so Twitter users came together to point out the most ridiculous examples. Got something to add? Share your own unrealistic movie cliché in comments!

Hello. I am a person talking on a phone in a film. I never say goodbye when I hang up, and weirdly nobody else in that film ever seems to think that is really rude.

Hello, I am a person driving a car in a film set in a major city. I will find a parking spot directly in front of whatever building I need to go into. I will not drive around the block 70 times while cursing at the top of my lungs nor will I park in a garage six blocks away.

Hello, I’m a bad guy in a film, and when I put a usb stick in anything I get it the right way round first time, every time.

Hello. I am a mom making breakfast in a film. I serve fresh pastries, fruit salad and bacon rashers on a tableclothed table and juice in a jug. My children never eat it though, they grab a bagel and walk out the door because they're always about to miss the school bus.

Hello, I am a person in a movie who had received a blow to the head with sufficient force to render me unconscious. I will shortly wake up and rub my head briefly. I will suffer no other ill effects.

Hello. I am a person in a film or TV drama and when I arrange to meet someone later I have no need to specify a time or place.

Hi, I'm a teacher in a film and the bell always rings just as I'm summing up the lesson so I just shout that I want your test papers on my desk by Thursday morning.

Hello. I am a woman giving birth in a film. It takes seven minutes. I pace about a bit, lie back on a bed, get very abruptly sweaty, yell, and then there is a baby. The baby is clean and larger than you would expect.

Hello. I am a person waking up in the morning in a film and I don’t need a wee. Nobody else in that film thinks I’m a medical marvel

Hello. I am a nerdy high school girl with no friends. You won't believe my transformation when I remove my glasses and let down my hair - turns out I am conventionally beautiful after all and the captain of the football team does want to take me to prom!

Hello. I am a person in a film or TV drama and when I'm driving I turn my head to talk to my passenger for far too long.

Hello. I’m a collection of bills in your wallet. Whatever you pay for - taxi, pizza, bribe, tip - you will never need to look at me, count me, or require change. I am the perfect amount. Always.

Hello. I am a person in a movie. I have something urgent & important to tell you. So I 'phone you and rather than tell you the urgent, important thing now, I'll agree to meet later, giving the killer plenty of time to kill me, so you don't get to hear the urgent, important thing.

Hello. I am a person in a film or TV drama who's just been caught in a situation that looks compromising but would be instantly resolved if I said the single explanatory sentence any real-life person would. However, all I can say is

Hello. I’m a person in a film/tv show who has just been approached by the police about a murder. I will carry on doing whatever job that suspected murderers ( mostly manual labour) do while you try and talk to me. I won’t be shocked or concerned by your presence.

Hello. In a film I have gone on a trip to Paris and no matter whereabouts in Paris my hotel is, the Eiffel Tower is always visible in the background through my bedroom window.

Hello. I am a person in a film or TV drama playing a criminal mastermind who harbours an irresistible need to explain my methods and motivation to the story’s hero before failing to kill him/her.

Hi. I am a hard drinking, veteran police officer who smokes too much and whose personal life is in shambles, so I fight crime by breaking all the rules, committing multiple felonies, and yet I never have to worry about the consequences.

Hello, I'm a piece of software that will steal the baddies' top secret data. For no apparent reason, I display columns of random and luminous characters scrolling up and down the screen while I do whatever it is I do.

Hello I am a person in a film or TV drama and I will always know which direction to go when a colleague on my earpiece tells me to head North from a place I have never visited before.

Hi, I’m a sexy woman who just had sex in a film. I casually put on his white oversized shirt even though getting my own clothes from the floor takes the same time and effort.

Hello. I’m a teacher in a film & my only purpose in the entire movie is to introduce the new kid to my class in a way to ensure that she’s immediately bullied. She’s going to come in late to a hushed class accompanied by the principal for maximum awkwardness.

Hello. I am a person in a film or tv drama. I order a

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