Reaction GIFs Have Entered The Building

When I was a kid trying to sneak into the adult section of the local video rental store


When I see a whole family at Walmart during this pandemic


When they tell me The Rock was on Star Trek


When I think I have a small dick but then I see what small dick ACTUALLY looks like


The family’s reaction when Mom thought ‘Sausage Party’ would be a great kids movie to play


When my conscious tells me I can’t start drinking at noon during self isolation


When someone says “wait until end!” on a 6 min video


Vegans when they haven’t been able to tell strangers that they are vegans for the last month


When your mom catches you sleeping in church, but she’s not close enough to pinch you


"It’s okay, he doesn’t bite"

The dog:


Her: "Daddy, pass the salt please"

Me and her dad:


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