Someone In Manchester Keeps Covering Up Racist Graffiti With Cat Stickers…

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, you have to start with yourself. The brilliance of this is that it can be applied to almost anything, starting with the amount of trash lying on the streets and ending with some actual social issues that can’t be ignored. This post features someone who just couldn’t put up with racist graffiti around the city center of Manchester anymore and figured out how to improve the situation in a brilliantly witty way.

Signs being posted all over Manchester, England.

People have spotted the stickers all around the city covering hoax Extinction Rebellion posters with inflammatory messages about immigration and race. Although the person behind this is unknown, it seems that the stickers themselves come from an Australian organization called Cracks Appearing Distro.

Funny way to keep fighting racism.

Funny way to fight racism.

The racist graffiti covering cat sticker won’t solve the problem entirely, but it will at least cover it up until the city eventually takes care of it by repainting the wall, cleaning the ground, etc… Plus, the witty cat sticker is not just trying to hide it, but also acknowledge the issue and bring it to the forefront, and face it head-on.

Funny way to fight against racism.

Fighting racism with cats.

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