The Reaction GIFs Have Entered The Building

When you die and go to hell only to see your wife waiting for you


Plan B inside the uterus


When someone gets too chummy with me


When you creep on a chick and you see a date next to a heart emoji in her bio but then you find out it’s just the day her grandma died


Every time people try to eat or drink in my car


When I find a good pornstar I haven’t seen before


When I’m in line at a busy Subway and the guy in front of me orders 8 subs, all toasted


My 11 year old cousin’s reaction when I explain how incognito mode works


When I’m walking away after an argument and hear the person mutter something under their breath


When you shoot your shot in her DMs and think you miss but then a few hours later she resonds “Heyyyy”


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