There Are Now Merit Badges For Adults, Because Adulting Is Hard

Being a grown-up is hard. Someone clearly agrees with us, because there’s a company that makes merit badges for adults. They’re essentially completion badges for pretty normal everyday tasks, but they help you feel a little bit more accomplished. Some of the merit badges for adults include putting on pants, eating a vegetable, watching just 1 Netflix episode, avoiding confrontation, and more.

Put pants on.

Ate a vegetable.

Only had one glass of wine.


Went outside today.

Called my mom.

Watered the plant.

Paid bills on time.

Updated the software.

Took my vitamins.

Made coffee.

Only watched 1 episode on Netflix.

Did it myself.

Responded to emails.

Avoided confrontation.

Saved some money.

On time for work.

Went to the gym.

Drank some water.

I tried my best.

Minded my own business.