Brilliant Examples of Irony – Sometimes accidental ironic things happen that are so funny, they must be photographed and put online for everyone to enjoy.

The Funniest Comebacks In History – Some of the famous historical figures were known not only for their life and work, but also for the sick burns they delivered.

People Having Worse Day Than You – So you think that your day has been going badly? Take a look at these poor wretched souls and gain a new appreciation of have good you actually have it.

Funny Engagement Ring Trolling – This guy wanted to have a little fun before popping the big question to his girlfriend. Instead of tucking the ring away where she wouldn’t find it, he decided to hide it in plain sight…

The Worst Kitchen Designs You’ll Ever See – You might think that so long as you have a stove, sink, and maybe a little counter space, you’re good to go. However, there is such a thing as a kitchen being so bad that not even shoving the basics in can make it manageable.

Classic Irish Jokes – Such as: “What’s the difference between God and Bono? God doesn’t wander around Dublin thinking he’s Bono.”

Embarrassed Cats Are The Best Cats – Nothing is funnier than cats who’ve gotten themselves into predicaments and are sorely embarrassed about it. This gallery definitely proves it.

Hilariously Bad Tattoos of Celebrity Faces – These are so horrible that only one question pops into mind: “What the hell were they thinking?!”

Have You Worked As a Teacher? You’ll Love These Memes – Teachers have it rough. Even though it may seem like they only work from about 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. a day, they actually put in so many extra hours at home, and their workday is often turned into a living hell by trolling students.

Brides Throwing Cats Instead of Bouquets – Before people start raging in comments: please note that these pictures are photoshopped. No cats were harmed in the making of this gallery and we certainly don’t encourage anyone to throw a cat ever, let alone on their wedding day.

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