Baby Doll Head Planters – To be fair, reusing old doll heads is more eco-friendly than buying a new pot. It’s up to you however whether or not it is worth it. For me, I’ll take a larger carbon footprint in exchange for not being menaced by these little monstrosities.

Let’s Make The Toilet Great Again! – Did you know that you can actually buy a Donald Trump toilet brush on Amazon and make your toilet great again? Well, now you know.

Classic Irish Jokes – “What’s the difference between God and Bono? God doesn’t walk around Dublin thinking he’s Bono.” and other Irish gems listed here.

Banksy Is Making Quarantine Art –  Famous anonymous building vandalizer Banksy is taking social distancing seriously. On his official Instagram page he posted his current project, which involves painting on the walls of his bathroom…

Brides Throwing Cats Instead of Bouquets – Before people start raging in comments: please note that these pictures are photoshopped. No cats were harmed in the making of this gallery and we certainly don’t encourage anyone to throw a cat ever, let alone on their wedding day.

These Snapchats Show You The Joy of Owning a Dog – You know what’s better than a human with an animal filter. A dog with no filter. These snapchats are impawsible not to laugh at.

People Share The Dumbest Things They Actually Believed As Kids – We’d like to say it gets easier in adulthood, but there are still a lot of things that don’t make any sense. But at least we know where babies come from!

The Funniest Beards And Mustaches – Gallery of the greatest entries from the past years of annual “The World Beard and Mustache Championship”. And you thought your beard is epic?

Dogs After Playing In Freshly Cut Grass – These pictures are not photoshopped. Freshly cut grass will really turn your dog into The Hulk if you let him play in the lawn.

“Any Functioning Adult 2020” Presidential Election Campaign – Some people are supporting Donald Trump, others will vote for anyone but him, so they have started a pretty funny “Any Functioning Adult 2020” presidential election campaign with various signs, bumper stickers and t-shirts.

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